🧠 Developers' Brain


This project was started as an attempt to start tracking my pesonal mental models while I was building Kloudi. In an attempt to do so I got exposed to Zettelkasten Method and Building a Digital Brain. I very quickly realised that, tech community have always been collaborating around Q&As (StackOverflow), Stacks (Stackshare), code and configurations (Github, etc) but there has always been a lack of collaboration and community around mental models that people in the industry deploy for their day to day activities.

With Developers' Brain I am not trying to be another repository of top Vim configurations or Git settings but as continoue living garden of actual workflows that a developers uses to achieve an outcome. Hopefully, with the ever expanding universe of people who code, tools we use and new workflows and design patterns we deploy this can serve as a place to cultivate the community brain.

Here are few intresting blogs/talks that also motivated the project.